Posted by: leannesigman | September 4, 2007

a long day

Today is going to be one of those long days. We officially now have no water, the cystern ran dry, and I have a room full of laundry just screaming at me. 🙂 Oh boy, what to do. Guess its time to take a trip up to my in-laws to get everything caught up. On the bright side, this morning was nice outside, feels like a cool fall morning. Took Max the dog for a walk, and he went running after cows. Had to chase him back home. Fixed breakfast for the baby, and she preceeded to throw everything in the floor then point and laugh. (how can you get mad at that). Went online Saturday morning and placed my order on for the Oct. releases. One of my fav authors Suzanne McMinn has a new one out, A Hero’s Redemption. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. Well, guess I will get off here and start trying to bring some order to this chaos I like to call home. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. Hope everyone has a great day today.



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