Posted by: leannesigman | September 4, 2007

Hectic days

Well, this summer has been very hectic. Went to SC to see Ryan(brother) graduate from boot camp at Ft. Jackson, had a great time too. Hannah had her first birthday, YEA!!!!. I’ve been babysitting for my sister in law all summer, then 2 weeks ago we went down to Williamsburg, VA and VA beach for vacation. That was my first time there, but I got to see a lot of cool things, and spend a couple relaxing days on the beach. Hannah loved the sand and watching the waves comming in, but not the water. We think it just scared her. I got lots of pics. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this page up to date now. I go’s and’s pages and blog. They are 2 of my fav authors besides the Nora, which I blog on her page too. They all have interesting things on there. If you like romance, and like any of these authors, I highly recommend these pages. Well, gotta run for now, put the baby down for the night and tie the dog back up. I’ll post my pics of both adventures on here later.



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