Posted by: leannesigman | September 6, 2007


Ugh!!!! I am trying to wait patiently for my books I ordered from eHarlequin for the Oct. releases from the Nocturne, Romantic Suspense, and the Historicals, and they still haven’t came yet.  I’ve called them the past 2 days and keep getting the Texas 2-step from them.  I have never had trouble with them before, and this time I even shelled out for the fast shipping to get them in 2 days.  They told me to call back tomorrow.  If they don’t know anything by then, I am going to raise cane.  Other than that, everything else has been pretty boring.  Finished cleaning, played with the baby, and fed and watered the dog and cats.  Got a dentist appt. tomorrow, which I’m dreading.  It feels like I have a wisdom tooth coming in and it’s giving me grief.  Guess I’ll find out for sure tomorrow.  Does anyone have any interesting news to tell today?  Let me know if you do. 



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