Posted by: leannesigman | September 10, 2007

Rain rain don’t go away

Yea!!!!! The rain has finally come.  I hope it rains a week.  We are completely out of water, and have been reduced to taking several 5 gallon containers to the local carry-out and use their water spigot to fill up just to be able to do dishes and flush.  We are having to go to my husband’s parent’s house to bathe and do laundry.  Man, what a mess.  I hope the cystern fill up soon.  Other than that how was everyone’s weekend?  I read Suzanne McMinn’s new book A Hero’s Redemption.  It was awesome!!!! Congrats to Suzanne for putting out a next great book in her Haven series for Silhouette romantic suspense line.  If you guys love a good romantic, suspenseful story, please order this book from eHarlequin and read.  You won’t regret it.  If you wait to get it in the stores, you’ll have to wait til Oct. as it’s a Oct. book and the great thing about harlequin is you can order a month ahead if you want to.  Other than that things have been pretty quiet around here.  If you know of any good romance books  that are good, give me a holler and let me know.  Hope everyone has a great evening.



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