Posted by: leannesigman | September 11, 2007

Still more rain

Good.  Let it rain as long as it can.  Right now the ground is just sucking it in.  The creek still doesn’t have anything in it.  Went up this morning to do laundry, and bathe.  I can’t wait to be able to do those things in my own home again.  It’s sad, but you don’t realize how much you miss simple things like water until its gone.  I read a good book yesterday evening.  Damned by Lisa Childs.  It was the 3rd in her witch trilogy in the Silhouette Nocturne line.  It was good.  But she kinda left it hanging in the end, mentioning a baby sister, so maybe she’ll come out with that story one day.  I’d love to see some more in Suzanne McMinn’s PAX series one day.  They were really good.  As are Karen Whiddon’s wolf pack books.  My other books from harlequin still hasn’t come.  If they don’t get here by friday, I guess I’ll call again and find out what’s happening.  Anything happening you would like to talk about?  If so give me a holler.  I’m going to go fix lunch for my baby girl. 



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