Posted by: leannesigman | September 18, 2007


Yea!!!!!!! They have finally started working on bringing us city water. Went to town yesterday and saw the pipes and equipment and the men working. We are supposed to have it by Dec. or Jan. I think(Ihope). Last week was a long week. Had so much to do to catch up on, with laundry and cleaning. At least today I can finally take a break and catch up a little. Read a good book last night, Darkness Rising by Cynthia Cooke in the Silhouette Nocturne line. It was really good. It’s the 2nd in the Dark Enchantments series. I’m going to try and start another book tonight after the baby goes to sleep. I’m bidding on a ARC on EBAY for Nora Robert’s new book Blood Brothers, that doesn’t come out til the 1st of Dec. It’s the 1st of her new trilogy, and they all look great. I can’t wait til they come out. Guess I’ll go for now and finish my house work. If you have a good book you’d recommend, drop me a line.



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