Posted by: leannesigman | September 26, 2007

Let the rain begin

Went to the doctor finally yesterday. Have a sinus infection. Gave me some antibotics, and so far I’m feeling better. Down to 1 1/2 books to go. Finished Michelle Hauf’s Kiss Me Deadly. It was really good, esp. after the lovespell wore off. I’m almost halfway through Nina Bruhn’s Night Mischief, and so far I love it. A member of the Cadre and a vengence demon pretending to be a sucubus. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Had to go to the laundramat today. Almost 30 dollars to wash and dry 7 loads of laundry. Sheesh. I don’t know what we’re going to do if we don’t get some rain soon. My in-laws pond went dry, so we couldn’t do clothes up there, and then their water holding tank starting leaking, so they lost all their water too. They finally got a new one put in today, but we still can’t do laundry up there(they can’t either). City water is coming, but not fast enough. It will be March or April before we can use it. I love living out in the country, but when things like this happen, I sometimes miss the ease of living in the city. Oh well, you can’t always have the best of both worlds. Trying to bid on another ARC of Nora Robert’s Blood Brothers. If nothing else, I guess I’ll just have to wait til it comes out the end of Nov. But it looks so good, the whole new series does. Well, gotta go put the baby in the bath tub. If you have a good book to recommend, let me know.



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