Posted by: leannesigman | October 29, 2007

Finished for today

Just finished up dinner.  Now its in between time(load and unload the dishwasher).  Thought I’d get things caught up on here.  I finished The Demon You Know last night.  It was fantastic.  Can’t wait for Howl At The Moon to come out tomorrow.  Put a list together of books to look for when I hopefully get to go down Milton this weekend to Treasure’s Galore( where part of their store is a huge book exchange), which is one of my top 3 places to go.  What I can’t find there I will start ebaying for I guess.  The baby is sick.(groan, so tired).  She work up this morning around 6 with a fever.  Gave her some Motrin, which it and everything else came up.  So gave her a nice cool bath, gave her the other half of the Motrin, then she went back to sleep.  She has switched off from the throw-up to the D word.  Oh, what they don’t tell you when you want to be pregnant.  But she’s feeling halfway ok right now.  She ate some apple sauce, and drank a little bit of 7-Up.  The Dr’s office called me back and said the bug was making its way around.  Moms, be warned.  I guess the cold season is about to start.  If anyone is interested, Maggie Shayne and Rebecca York will be on Phil Harris’s show on Blog Talk Radio tonight at 8:30. The show is called All Things That Matter. I listened a few days ago when Alyssa Day was on. I’m going to try to catch the one tonight too. Hope everyone has a good night.



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