Posted by: leannesigman | November 7, 2007

Ready for bed

Well, had a good time this weekend. Went down to the flea market, but only found a couple books. I did go to Border’s though and picked up Christine Warren’s new one, Howl At The Moon, which was totally awesome. But was bummed when I saw a sneak peek at her next one, Walk On The Wild Side. Not the book itself, cause it sounds great, just it won’t be out til next summer. I’m also waiting on my copy of Atlantis Awakening to get here. Went to Walmart today to purchase a copy, cause I don’t know when the one I ordered from Amazon will get here, and they didn’t have it out. The lady over the book section was very rude, and said they probably wouldn’t even get it in the stores until Thursday or next Tuesday. What’s the point of even having a release date if they don’t put them out when they are supposed to?? I mean, the new movies are put out at Midnight on their release dates. If I lived closer to Books a Million or Borders,etc, it wouldn’t ever be a problem, and I’d never have to even bother with Walmart. I sent them a complaint. I hope they do something about it. Well, I feel a little better having gotten that off my chest. Hope you had a better day than mine and have a good night.



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