Posted by: leannesigman | November 14, 2007

Nora day

Today, Nora Roberts is guest blogging on if anyone is interested and have any questions they want to ask. She also did a video interview on her new Trilogy Blood Brothers if you’d want to watch. I have switched off books, I was reading Desert Sons, but since I got Alyssa Day’s Wild Thing in yesterday, I decided to go ahead and read her story in it, which is great so far, but I’m only starting on the 3rd chapter. I will get back to Desert Sons as soon as I finish this one, which should be tonight. I found another author yesterday, Rebecca York. Has anyone read any of her books? What do you think? I bought her Moon books yesterday off of Ebay, and then found she has a novella out in the moon books in the Cravings anthology. I am going to try to hunt that one up as well. I found a few of her Harlequin Intrigues that are paranormal based, and put them on my wish list on Amazon. If after I read her first Moon book and like or love it, I’m going to order the others. Sometimes I think I need to build a new room onto the house just to put all book cases in it to hold my books. I don’t have that many yet, but at the rate I’m going now, I’m going to need another bookcase by the first of next year. I’ve found one of the good things about not having to work anymore, is it gives me more free time to read, and find new authors to explore. (Hence the running out of room) But I heard on the news a few months ago that people who love to read, and read often, are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease, so that’s a plus in my corner right?? Plus, I’m contributing to the authors by purchasing their books, and it gives me much pleasure to read them, so all around everyone is happy. Hope everyone has a great day.



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