Posted by: leannesigman | November 16, 2007


It’s been snowing here all day on and off, but it’s not quite cold enough yet on the ground to cause any trouble.  It is nice to watch though.  Had to make a emergency run to Walmart earlier to purchase a new dog chain for our chocolate lab Max.  He broke yet another one, so I had to lock him up in the bathroom til I got back.(What a mess he made)  We have a couple neighbors who don’t like my husband or his family, so they pretty much try to hit our animals when they’re flying up and down the roads.  And no, the cops won’t do anything about it either, I’ve already complained.  They said the speed limit on our little road is 55mph.  If you’d see my road, you’d just shake your head at that.  But anyway, back to today.  I just finished feeding my daughter her supper, and now she is running through the house chasing the kitten with a dish towel.  I got a couple pictures of her earlier sitting in the dryer.  I finished Allysa Day’s story in the Wild Things anthology, Wild Hearts in Atlantis, which was fantastic, and then finished up the Desert Sons trilogy with Patricia Rosemoor as one of the authors.  I am now ready to start on Atlantis Awakening this evening, as long as nothing comes up.  I won a copy of Nora Robert’s new book Blood Brothers from yesterday from their contest they had over the weekend.  Yea!!!!!!!!!  I’m still going to order it hardback also to keep with the rest of my collection of her hardback books.  Christmas seems like it’s almost here, which I guess it is, with the shopping season seeming to fly by.  I still haven’t even begun to do any shopping yet.  I’m going to wait until next friday I guess, and then go from there.  What do you buy your children though, with all these recalls?  My husband said stuffed animals only.  I don’t know.  Hope everyone has a great evening.



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