Posted by: leannesigman | November 17, 2007


What do you do when you don’t work and don’t have to look forward for the weekends to come around? I don’t know. I washed clothes all day yesterday, and cleaned on the house. So now I have a free day. I’m need to start looking for Christmas presents, so maybe I’ll work on that. I finished Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Awakening last night. Wow!!!! I’m telling you, they just keep getting better and better. She said on her message board she got a new contract to write more of the series. Yea!!!!!!! She has a novella coming out in March, and then the next full book in May. She said she has one or two more books to write on the last contract, then the first book for the new one will be Alaric’s and Quinn’s story. Can’t wait. I bought Rebecca York’s Moon series, and will maybe start on them the week after Thanksgiving if they get here by then. There are some good werewolf/ shifter books out there, each author has a little different spin on them, but so far I’ve read Karen Whiddon’s Pack series, Lindsay McKenna has some out, Christine Warren’s Other books, Alyssa Days Atlantis books, and Patricia Rosemoor’s Wolf Moon. They are all great in their own right, so I am anxious to see how Rebecca York’s turn out. What have you read and think would be a good read for others? I am going to try to start a new book this weekend if I get a chance, one of the new Dec. Nocturne books, The Empath by Bonnie Vanak, which is another wolf book. I’ll let you know if I like it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.



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