Posted by: leannesigman | December 12, 2007

Christmas chaos

Can you tell it’s getting very close to Christmas now????   I’ts been gettting hectic for me the past week or so.  So I apologize for not being on here regularly like I usually am.  I’ve been trying to decorate, clean house, do up the laundry, chase the baby through the house and try to keep her from undoing all I’ve done to the house.  Shhhhhhh.   I’m tired.  I still haven’t did 98% of my shopping.  I’ve got a movie for the baby, the newest books from Beverly Lewis for my mom-in-law, and that’s it.  Sad isn’t it.  I haven’t had the money to do anything.  We applied for a loan from my husband’s extra retirement fund, but it hasn’t ever came yet.  I have bills to pay, then lots of shopping to get done fast.  Hopefully it will get here before Christmas.  Other than that, nothing going on here.  It’s been raining, and it was warm today, very nice.  I did get a bunch of books today from Amazon(including the above mentioned mom presents).  The 1st 3 of Christine Feehan’s Drake sisters series, Demon’s Kiss by Maggie Shayne, Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts, and Cravings, with Rebecca York as one the authors.  I got my books from Harlequin in the mail yesterday.  So I’m good to go for the next month.  Hope everyone has a great evening.




  1. Hope you get the loan! And so many books sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Michelle. It’s not the matter of if just when. I finished your The Warrior King last night. I loved it. All the trouble Patrick and Isabel had to work through to be together. It was worth it though. I can’t wait for the next MacEgan book to come out.


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