Posted by: leannesigman | December 17, 2007

The countdown continues

Well, it’s Sunday, Dec. 16th.  One more week and one more weekend to go, then Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Hope everyone has gotten most if not all of their shopping done.  As for me, still haven’t started.  Oh well.  The baby’s not old enough yet to know Santa hasn’t come right on Christmas Eve night to deliver all her goodies.  I’m hoping I get to shop finally this week, and get everything done by the weekend.  The big thing on our get list for the baby:  A beagle pup.  Do you know how hard that has been?  Every year I see ads in the papers for Christmas beagles, but since we want one this year, just 2 ads I’ve seen.  I’ve got a lead on some copper nosed beagle pups, I’m going to call first thing tomorrow and hope they still have some.  Other than that, nothing too urgent to find or look for.  A gun for the hubby, that’s the only other big thing on the list.  Is it snowing at your house?  It is here, has been since this morning.    The perfect day to just lay around, drink hot cocoa, play with the baby, and read on a good book.  I just finished Michele Willingham’s Jan.08 release, The Warrior King.  Fantastic.  If you liked or loved her first 2 MacEgan books, this one is a must read.  I can’t wait for her next one to come out.  I’m going to start on Rebecca York’s New Moon tonight.  I’ve read all her Moon books now except for this one and the 2 she had in anthology books.  But I’ve got both of those too, and I’ll read them as soon as I’m done with this one.  Hope everyone has a great night.



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