Posted by: leannesigman | December 18, 2007

New family member

Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present, the newest member of the family,  Molly.  Ta da.  I went today and picked her out.  She is adorable.  A little tri-color beagle.  I got a few pics of her and the baby.  When I get time tonight or tomorrow, I’ll post them on here.  The baby loves her.  She(baby) has sat on the couch with her all evening, petting her and trying to rub her head against the dog like cats do.  It’s cute.  She’s not perked up yet, but I’m guessing it is just from her being in a new place.  I’m a little worried though cause she hasn’t used the bathroom or ate anything.  I’m going to look online and make sure that’s ok, and call the vets in the morning to check with them also.  Other than that, nothing really going on here.  Reading a few pages here and there of New Moon, between the laundry, and dishes.  Hope everyone has a great night tonight.



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