Posted by: leannesigman | December 23, 2007

Crunch time folks

After tonight, 2 days left to shop before the big day on Tuesday.  I was over at Walmart today looking for some last minute stocking stuffers, things like that.  OMG.  It was terrible.  The traffic coming in and out, trying to find a parking place, a buggy, then trying to maneuver through the store itself.  Plus I had munchkin head with me, so that didn’t help either.  I did find some good things though.  Got a slipcover and new soft pillows for the sofa, 5 disney movies for the baby, a new table for the living room, a nice Sony MP3 player for the hubby, thats it I think, other than groceries.  He got me the first 5 Harry Potter movies.(Big Potter fan)  I’ve got to get his gun ordered for him when I go to Mom’s on Monday.(hopefully)  We go up to his Moms tomorrow to do Christmas dinner.   Thats whats happening at the old homestead this week.  Hope everyone has a great Christmas holiday.  If I don’t get on tomorrow, I’ll be back next week when I get back from Moms. 

Merry Christmas and safe traveling,



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