Posted by: leannesigman | February 1, 2008

Early morning

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  I have to leave here by 7 am to take the baby to Charleston.  Her doctor referred us to a EN&T specialist to see about her tongue.  She can’t stick it out like we can, because that skin underneath that holds it is all the way to the tip of her tongue, and when she tries to stick it out, it turns inward almost making a heart shape.  She’s not talking right, and has a hard time eating some foods.  We wanted to wait because her doctor said that sometime it will stretch on its own, but when we had her in the last time, he looked at it and said if it was going to stretch, it would have by 18 months old.  So they might have to schedule for surgery to clip it.  We’ll find out tomorrow.  Other than that, nothing really going on here.  Today’s my B-day, and I got my new book covers I ordered off of Ebay today.  I like them, they were made well, have padding underneath the fabric, which makes it nice too.  I’ve going to take one with me to use tomorrow.  I’ve got to get our clothes ready, her diaper bag(my book bag) packed with essential items(extra pacifiers,etc) and remember to set the alarm clock to get up in time.  I’m going to take a book and the new RT Magazine(march issue) with me.  I have lots of new books to choose from.  I ordered from Ellora’s Cave for the first time, purchased Rhyannon Byrd’s paranormal erotica books she has out.  She has some new books coming out in the Silhouette Nocturne line, starting in march, and they look really good.  So I decided to get some her other books to familarize myself with her writing.  Plus I still have 6 Rebecca York books to finish(some of her 43 Light Street books).  I might take 2 in case I get down there and decide I don’t like one.  Well, that’s my day for today.  Hope everyone has a great night.

Leanne 🙂  


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