Posted by: leannesigman | February 2, 2008

Long day yesterday

Man, am I glad yesterday is over with.  I was wore out by time we got back home.  The baby didn’t go to sleep til after midnight on friday morning, and she woke up at 3 am, then after getting her back to sleep again, the power went out from that storm right around 4:30 am, so I had to stay up then or risk falling back alseep and not getting up in time.  I showered, got ready, (thank goodness I had pressed the clothes out the night before), and did my makeup.( it’s not easy with no power, trying to use a oil lamp, flashlight)  But we made it through.  The doctor was very nice.  He decided that the surgery was the best option, and to go ahead and do it now so as not to further delay her speech development.  So we go back down to Charleston monday morning for pre-surgery testing, then thursday at 6:30 am for the surgery.  He said after they get her ready, she shouldn’t be under anistesia more than 10 minutes, so thats good news.  And he also said she should heal fast, 2 weeks at the most and you shouldn’t be able to tell any incisions were made.  So that’s been my weekend so far.  How has yours been?  Hope you have a good one.  I’m in the middle of cleaning the house and reorganizing the computer room.  I purchased some office supplies yesterday at Sams, so I could get all our paperwork(bills, etc) seperated into files, a file holder, and desk organizer to hold the stapler, tape dispenser, pens,etc.  Anyone going to watch the game tomorrow?  If so who are you rooting for?  I think I’m going to go with the Patriots.  And I’m just watching it for the commercials.  I hope they have some great ones this year.  Well, I’m going to head out of here and try to get my work finished today.   Hope everyone has a great weekend.



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