Posted by: leannesigman | February 13, 2008

Sorry guys, long week

Well, here’s how the rest of last week and this week have went so far.  Baby had her surgery last thursday, and did great.  She didn’t cry when the nurses took her away from us to the surgery room, and they said she didn’t cry a bit when they got her in there, and she didn’t fight them with the anestesia(they just had to give her gas thank goodness) and when she woke up afterwords, she wasn’t the least bit fussy.  But she was wobbly, and when she wanted down, I was sitting in the rocking chair with her in the recovery room, and I put her down, and she just sank, she couldn’t hold herself up.  She slept on and off all day, and didn’t eat hardly anything.  But she is doing great now.  She just wags her tongue around like its nothing.  That’s been it I guess.  I read my first erotica book from Ellora’s Cave the other day.  Well 1 story out of the 3-1 novella.  It was Rhyannon Byrd’s A shot of Magick.  It was great.  I was suprised my book didn’t catch on fire though as I was reading it.  Very hot stuff in there, let me tell you.  She is writing some books for Silhouette Nocturne, and as I got my March books from Harlequin in today finally, her first one was in the box,.  It’s called Last Wolf Standing, the 1st in her Bloodrunner’s series.  I can’t wait to read it.  Hope everyone has a great night.



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