Posted by: leannesigman | February 29, 2008

Gosh, its been a while

Sorry guys, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I was on here.  Been busy with the baby.  She is doing great by the way.  She wiggles her tongue and sticks it out all the time now.  Her speech is greatly improved, and she is eating much better.  We take her back the 3rd for her final checkup, and then thats it I think.  I’ve been reading like crazy the past few weeks.  I got Rhyannon Byrd’s new Nocturne read, Last Wolf Standing.  Awesome.  Can’t wait for her next to come out, which is in a few days if you order from eHarlequin.  I’ve read most of her paranormals from Ellora’s Cave except for 1, which I have, it’s just in e-book form and I dont have an e-book reader yet.  I’ve also got several of Patrice Michelle’s from Ellora’s Cave.  They are also hot.  I’ve got her A Taste of Control ordered,which is the 3rd in her Kendrian series(vampires), and hoping it gets here by tomorrow.  Gotta put my order in tonight at midnight for the April harlequin releases.  I’ve decided to just start ordering the Nocturnes and Romantic Suspense books, and maybe 1 0r 2 from Blaze or Intrigue if it’s a paranormal theme.  I’m trying to cut back on the bills some, and I told the hubby I’d do this, and it seemed to make him happy.( he was becoming a little snippy)  I like the historicals, but to tell the truth, I don’t always get them read.  So unless Michelle Willingham has one coming out, I’ll just not get them at all.  Besides, I still order from Amazon, and some from ebay when I’m looking for a out of print book.  I stumbled on the L. J. Smith books on ebay the other day.  When I saw the Vampire Diaries books and Secret Circle trilogy, it all came back to me.  Gosh, I loved those when I was a teenager.  That’s what got me hooked on paranormals in the first place.  So of course I bid on them, and won.  She’s got 2 more trilogy’s I want to find again, The Dark Visions trilogy, and The Forbidden Game trilogy.  I’m going book shopping at the flea market next weekend.  Maybe I’ll come across some.  Hope everyone has a great day.



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