Posted by: leannesigman | March 3, 2008

Restless Nights

Don’t you hate when this happens?? I put the baby to bed, tried to watch tv, read a book,  couldn’t get comfortable, so I came in here.  Maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight. (hopefully)  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine wasn’t too bad.  Cleaned on the house, played with the baby, read some.  That’s about it.  I placed my order late friday/early saturday for the April Nocturne and SRS books.  I also got Kimberly Raye’s next vampire book in the Blaze series.  That’s all this time.  I did stumble across a new author yesterday.  I was flipping through the March issue of RT magagine and saw an ad for Sydney Croft and her Storm series.  They looked great, and sound interesting.   The first came out last Sept, the 2nd came out just last week I think, and the next comes out sometime this summer or fall I think.  Gotta take the baby to Charleston friday fo her final checkup, so I thought about going to BAMM afterwords and seeing if they have the 2 books.  I also need to get Alyssa Day’s Shifter.  It comes out 3-4-08, and is a novella of the next in her Atlantis series.  Can’t wait.  Hope everyone has a good day today.



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