Posted by: leannesigman | December 23, 2007

Crunch time folks

After tonight, 2 days left to shop before the big day on Tuesday.  I was over at Walmart today looking for some last minute stocking stuffers, things like that.  OMG.  It was terrible.  The traffic coming in and out, trying to find a parking place, a buggy, then trying to maneuver through the store itself.  Plus I had munchkin head with me, so that didn’t help either.  I did find some good things though.  Got a slipcover and new soft pillows for the sofa, 5 disney movies for the baby, a new table for the living room, a nice Sony MP3 player for the hubby, thats it I think, other than groceries.  He got me the first 5 Harry Potter movies.(Big Potter fan)  I’ve got to get his gun ordered for him when I go to Mom’s on Monday.(hopefully)  We go up to his Moms tomorrow to do Christmas dinner.   Thats whats happening at the old homestead this week.  Hope everyone has a great Christmas holiday.  If I don’t get on tomorrow, I’ll be back next week when I get back from Moms. 

Merry Christmas and safe traveling,


Posted by: leannesigman | December 20, 2007


Today is going to be one of those days.  I just know it.  The baby is being wild, the pup used the bathroom on the carpet, and then the baby tried to get in it while I was trying to clean it up.(Sitting here wanting to pull my hair out).  Is it wrong to wish for a week long vacation by myself at home to get the house clean again?  Well that’s my life for today.  How’s yours going?  Christmas is almost here.  Finally got a little shopping done yesterday, but still have much more to do.  A lot of it will be online, since we can’t find things in the store we need.  Plus I have to order my husband his gun.  Still too much stuff to do.  I did finish reading Rebecca York’s Burning Moon last night.  It was great.  I’m going to try to start on my Jan. Nocturne’s tonight.  Starting with Patrice Michelle’s Scions book.  I was on the Nocturne chat last night on eHarlequin.  It went pretty good.  They had a bunch of authors on.  Hope everyone has a great day today.


Posted by: leannesigman | December 18, 2007

New family member

Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present, the newest member of the family,  Molly.  Ta da.  I went today and picked her out.  She is adorable.  A little tri-color beagle.  I got a few pics of her and the baby.  When I get time tonight or tomorrow, I’ll post them on here.  The baby loves her.  She(baby) has sat on the couch with her all evening, petting her and trying to rub her head against the dog like cats do.  It’s cute.  She’s not perked up yet, but I’m guessing it is just from her being in a new place.  I’m a little worried though cause she hasn’t used the bathroom or ate anything.  I’m going to look online and make sure that’s ok, and call the vets in the morning to check with them also.  Other than that, nothing really going on here.  Reading a few pages here and there of New Moon, between the laundry, and dishes.  Hope everyone has a great night tonight.


Posted by: leannesigman | December 17, 2007

The countdown continues

Well, it’s Sunday, Dec. 16th.  One more week and one more weekend to go, then Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Hope everyone has gotten most if not all of their shopping done.  As for me, still haven’t started.  Oh well.  The baby’s not old enough yet to know Santa hasn’t come right on Christmas Eve night to deliver all her goodies.  I’m hoping I get to shop finally this week, and get everything done by the weekend.  The big thing on our get list for the baby:  A beagle pup.  Do you know how hard that has been?  Every year I see ads in the papers for Christmas beagles, but since we want one this year, just 2 ads I’ve seen.  I’ve got a lead on some copper nosed beagle pups, I’m going to call first thing tomorrow and hope they still have some.  Other than that, nothing too urgent to find or look for.  A gun for the hubby, that’s the only other big thing on the list.  Is it snowing at your house?  It is here, has been since this morning.    The perfect day to just lay around, drink hot cocoa, play with the baby, and read on a good book.  I just finished Michele Willingham’s Jan.08 release, The Warrior King.  Fantastic.  If you liked or loved her first 2 MacEgan books, this one is a must read.  I can’t wait for her next one to come out.  I’m going to start on Rebecca York’s New Moon tonight.  I’ve read all her Moon books now except for this one and the 2 she had in anthology books.  But I’ve got both of those too, and I’ll read them as soon as I’m done with this one.  Hope everyone has a great night.


Posted by: leannesigman | December 12, 2007

Christmas chaos

Can you tell it’s getting very close to Christmas now????   I’ts been gettting hectic for me the past week or so.  So I apologize for not being on here regularly like I usually am.  I’ve been trying to decorate, clean house, do up the laundry, chase the baby through the house and try to keep her from undoing all I’ve done to the house.  Shhhhhhh.   I’m tired.  I still haven’t did 98% of my shopping.  I’ve got a movie for the baby, the newest books from Beverly Lewis for my mom-in-law, and that’s it.  Sad isn’t it.  I haven’t had the money to do anything.  We applied for a loan from my husband’s extra retirement fund, but it hasn’t ever came yet.  I have bills to pay, then lots of shopping to get done fast.  Hopefully it will get here before Christmas.  Other than that, nothing going on here.  It’s been raining, and it was warm today, very nice.  I did get a bunch of books today from Amazon(including the above mentioned mom presents).  The 1st 3 of Christine Feehan’s Drake sisters series, Demon’s Kiss by Maggie Shayne, Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts, and Cravings, with Rebecca York as one the authors.  I got my books from Harlequin in the mail yesterday.  So I’m good to go for the next month.  Hope everyone has a great evening.


Posted by: leannesigman | December 6, 2007

Snowy days

It has been snowing all day today.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love to watch the snow come down.  I’ve been chasing the wild child around all day today, trying to keep the christmas ornaments on the tree, plus keeping her from shreading paper on the floor, and pouring her milk on the cat.  Oh, to be a mom.  I’m going to try my best to stay up tonight after everyone goes to sleep, so I can get some house cleaning done.  That’s been my day today.  I’ve did a little computer christmas shopping, but I’ve still got a major load to do.  I’ve only found a movie and stuffed animal so far for the baby, and nothing for anybody else.  Yikes!!!!!  Christmas is coming too fast this year.  Do you think those Visa gift cards are too impersonal????  I’m leaning towards those for everyone except the baby and hubby.  I figure they can use them to get what they really want, without the hassel of having to return items.  Oh well.  Hope everyone has a great evening.  I’m going to go wrangle up me a ornament thief and hog tie her to the couch for a while.  :-).  (Maybe read a book)  Nite.


Posted by: leannesigman | December 4, 2007

I’m back

Finally, I can get back on here.  I figure you have wondered where I’ve been the past couple weeks.  My computer crashed, and we couldn’t get it to come back this time.  So I had to wait til we could find another computer.  Our friend gave us this one yesterday cause she bought a new one, and didn’t need it any more.  Bless her heart.  So now I’m in the process of getting up to date on everything.  Read the first 2 of Rebecca York’s Moon books, which I have really liked.  My order from amazon still hasn’t come yet, it keeps getting pushed back for some reason, and I’m having trouble getting in touch with the seller from ebay where I purchased a book and they sent me the wrong one.  So that’s about it for now.  The baby has come down with a cold, so it’s been stressful the past day.  Poor baby.  If I could I’d take the sickness from her so she could just be a happy girl again.  Hopefully it will get better soon.  Hope everyone has a great evening.


Posted by: leannesigman | November 21, 2007


Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to just start ripping off the heads of every stuffed animal and doll you could get your hands on? That’s been my day today. My husband is being a man, spouting off about Christmas and getting mad at me for wanting to do some Christmas shopping this weekend, so that has really put me in a bad mood, and put me out of the Christmas spirit. I hate it when he does that. But, that’s me. I’m going to go watch friday’s episode of Moonlight in a few minutes, so maybe that will help a little. I need to start packing if I’m going down to Mom’s, but I just can’t seem to get started. I’ve bought some new books off of ebay, but they haven’t come yet. I’m going to try I guess to find Maggie Shayne’s new book on Friday. I know I was going to wait, but if I can’t do any Christmas shopping, I can at least find a little something. Hope everyone has a good evening.


Posted by: leannesigman | November 20, 2007


I was over at Walmart today grocery shopping, and the store was jam packed with people.  I guess most of them are getting last minute items for Thursday.  I’m hoping to get to leave Thurs. and go down to Mom’s for the weekend.  I’m going to try my best to stay up late tonight and finish getting the house cleaned back up,dusted,etc.  That way I won’t have to worry about it anymore until I get back.  I guess all the stores are getting ready for their big day on Friday.  I saw a cute little Barbie VW Beetle ride-on that Walmart is supposed to have friday morning.  I’m going to try to get one for the baby.  I still don’t know what I’m going to get her, besides clothes.  I’m getting my husband a new rifle for hunting, and other than that I don’t know what else to get him either.  What do you get a man who complains about spending anything on him, and yet things he sees on tv or whatever, he wants?  Who knows.  I saw by accident last night Maggie Shayne has a new book comming out tomorrow, a branch off of her Wings in the Night books.  I can’t remember the name but is sounds good.  I have it on my Amazon wish list for later.  Also Nora Robert’s new one Blood Brothers comes out the 27th, which is also on my wish list.  I’ll probably wait til I can order them both so they come together.  Hope everyone has a great night.


Posted by: leannesigman | November 17, 2007


What do you do when you don’t work and don’t have to look forward for the weekends to come around? I don’t know. I washed clothes all day yesterday, and cleaned on the house. So now I have a free day. I’m need to start looking for Christmas presents, so maybe I’ll work on that. I finished Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Awakening last night. Wow!!!! I’m telling you, they just keep getting better and better. She said on her message board she got a new contract to write more of the series. Yea!!!!!!! She has a novella coming out in March, and then the next full book in May. She said she has one or two more books to write on the last contract, then the first book for the new one will be Alaric’s and Quinn’s story. Can’t wait. I bought Rebecca York’s Moon series, and will maybe start on them the week after Thanksgiving if they get here by then. There are some good werewolf/ shifter books out there, each author has a little different spin on them, but so far I’ve read Karen Whiddon’s Pack series, Lindsay McKenna has some out, Christine Warren’s Other books, Alyssa Days Atlantis books, and Patricia Rosemoor’s Wolf Moon. They are all great in their own right, so I am anxious to see how Rebecca York’s turn out. What have you read and think would be a good read for others? I am going to try to start a new book this weekend if I get a chance, one of the new Dec. Nocturne books, The Empath by Bonnie Vanak, which is another wolf book. I’ll let you know if I like it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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